Situationships VS. Dating Partners

Hi People!

I was reading an article online about how my generation should be more open to “Dating Partners” rather than forcing yourself into “serious” relationships. I was like what the heck is a dating partner?! As I read about this simplified way to date and enjoy someone’s company I was like YES this is what I’m talking about!! Take away the drama by not thinking you have to make this person into your boyfriend/girlfriend. You go on dates and do romantic stuff and have feelings for each other but there is no pressure, no societal pressure. It’s respectful, pure and COMMUNICATING about what you are both looking for is clear and understood. While a Situationship is a relationships where both people communicate completely opposite wants & needs yet continue to try to mold one another into something they are not. These relationships are drama filled because we don’t listen when the other person says they don’t want to be in a relationship. You might be the one that knows you want to be in a relationship with the person who does not yet you are still hanging out, giving your energy and possibly sleeping with this person. Situationships are a mess. You have to communicate and not be scared to put yourself first and acknowledge when someone doesn’t want what you want.

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