5 Ways To Keep The Year Going Strong

5 ways to keep the year

6 months down 6 months to go! We have all accomplished so much in the first six months of the year and now we gotta keep up the great work for the rest of the year! This year I have traveled to Vegas, opened up my heart to more self-love, did Kundalini Yoga,left an ex behind, threw a birthday party, went to the mountains and the beach in the day, got in trouble at work, went to Coachella…the list goes on and on. Tell me some things you have accomplished in 2015 so far. Here are the 5 tips I have finishing the year strong.

1. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: I can’t stress this enough. When you leave comfort and routine behind you allow life to open up to you and show you things that you never thought you would see

2. Increase Spiritual Practice: I have added a few practices to my spiritual development such as crystals, stones, more sage and reading the Bible more. I encourage you to take your practice to a higher level. For example instead of meditating for 5 minutes a day try to amp it up by meditating for 10 minutes.

3. Travel: Get your but out of town and go see the world. There are so many amazing people,places and things to see right in the state next door!

4. Do Something Small Towards Something Great: As they say great things have small beginnings. Move towards your large & lofty goals one action at a time.

5. Be Present: Breathe in your blessings and count the love in your life. Be conscious of your thoughts and stay in high vibrations.

We are halfway through the year guys and seriously 2015 is so delicious! It’s so exciting to see how much a person can achieve and grow in 1 year. We have all accomplished so much and we still have so much more to do! Watch this video to see how to stay on track and finish the year strong!


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