My Guide To Organic Deodorant

Hi Guys!

I was inspired by Nikisha Brunson of & to do a video on the organic deodorants I use. in her video she speaks of the health risks connected with breast cancer and aluminum based deodorants. I haven’t used aluminum deodorant in a very long time. Last time I used it was in April because of Coachella. and before that I honestly hardly wore even my organic deodorants because lemon was working pretty well for me.

In my latest video I give a quick run down of the organic deodorants that I use. Watch Here. Subscribe. Comment. Share.

I know a lot of people say that these natural/organic deodorants don’t work. it’s not that they do not work it’s just that your body is not used to having its’ pores blocked by aluminum based deodorant. The trick is to detox your body for a bit and stop using the dangerous deodorant. After about a week start using Tom’s or EO organic deodorant.

Here’s a list of the deodorants that I use:







Crystal Roll On:


I hope this video encourages you to say good bye to your aluminum based toxic deodorant and transition to the organic/natural safe options.



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