My Creative Space

When I decided that I was going to turn BeenieTV into a business i decided I could not do all of my work from my bed lol. I decided to create a space where the magic of BeenieTV could happen. It makes me feel more accomplished and “serious” about what I wish to do with BeenieTV while sitting at a desk and in a chair LOL.

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my creative space

My whole look is glass, pops of color, white, in the jungle lol. So i got this awesome mirrored table from Target. Here are similar ones. I have to keep this accent table clean at all times! Atop the accent table I have a sugar skull from this small South American area in Downtown LA. Also I have my “The New Bohemians” by Justina Blakeney interior design book. Check out my post on it here.


This is the TOBIAS chair from Ikea. it takes about 15 minutes to build. No heavy duty tools necessary. Find it here.


Here is the MICKE desk from Ikea. I got the white on white one but it also comes in blue/white and black/brown.  When i say it is perfect?! It is Perfection! I have a very small apartment. Almost dorm room like lol. So this desk fits comfortably in the corner of my room. It comes with a easy pull out drawer to store pens, pencils, etc. Atop the desk I have my House of Intuition Intention candles, my vase from Target and a mug that reads “Believe In Who You Are” from my bestie!


These are my House of Intuition Intention candles that i did not want to part with. They are perfect for holding flowers (or leaves) and they totally match the look I’m going for.


I placed 4 large leaves on my wall just using some pushpins. I want to eventually frame them. I love how they complete my jungle look LOL.


Here is a full look of my creative space! I really love it and I hope this inspires you guys to turn your little nook into an area where you can work diligently towards your businesses and careers. Watch my video on “My Creative Space” here.




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