Our First Speaking Engagement: Passion + Purpose Event NYC August 30th

I’ve always wanted to be a public speaker, life coach, motivational mamacita! But for so long I thought I had to have this profound acting career before people wanted to hear me speak. So wrong! I had the urge to do a speaking engagement this year and even wrote it on my Mid Year Goals List and I went to Fatima of fatimafarmer.com (@sewingstardom) and proposed the idea of creating an event where we can speak upon the progress we have made as women coming out of our comfort zones and taking the steps towards living the life of a successful creative.

So we came up with the event Passion + Purpose: How To Live Your Purpose Passionately. We will be discussing everything from leaving your comfort zones to spiritual practices. The event takes place August 30th from 3-530pm at TACT Studio in NYC. Speakers will be myself, Fatima @sewingstardom, Brittany Josephina @brittanyjosephina and Cecily Wheeler @baglady.guru


We manifested this amazing event for all of use to discuss our paths and assist you in gaining clarity on creating a life that serves you. We will have food, drinks and goodie bags This event is open to all ages! We are so ready for this SPIRITUAL TURNUP!  


Being born “a creative” is not easy. The path is not as simple and clear as traditional career choices. At the end of the day the joy is in the journey,  but a lot of us struggle with acknowledging that joy while in the midst of figuring out who we are. How do we stay fully focused and faithful even when we can’t see the finish line? We hope that through our event our guests will come into their own as a creative person & conscious being in their career path. Join us for an afternoon of inspiration, beauty and positive vibes. We look forward to meeting each of you!

Tickets on Sale Here: Passion + Purpose Event NYC


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