Servicing Others My Way

It’s not my jobs it’s me. As a woman who has had many jobs, many dope jobs, many well paying jobs I was never fully happy or satisfied. I would complain about bosses, colleagues or work rules and put so much energy to them. I would spend hours talking about work situations and wanting to just live my life on my own terms. I was completely pushing against my work situations. I have even stopped myself from becoming a manager TWICE because I feared growing with a company and doing what I didn’t want to do. Which in hindsight was silly because I would end up in the same type of positions in the following years. Has this ever happened to you? You get so tunnel visioned on a dream that you despise your current situation? But I was my own worst enemy when it came to success. I would complain about living a life of freedom and creativity and I had the visions but I usually never of I hardly took the actions to change my life. I was waiting for someone to change my life when I had the power all along.


As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized I am here to be of service but not in customer service lol. I recently came to the realizations that although I’ve had many good jobs the reason I would always come in with a bad attitude or complain or push against it was because I wasn’t living my truth. Of course you need income to finance your dreams but I always felt like I shouldn’t be where I was and that I should be doing something greater than this 9-5 or retail job. I’ve learned so much from all of my “billpayers” as I like to call it and I have made so many great friends but now is time to discontinue sabotaging my greatness.

As a 26 year old Los Angeles transplant I have finally found the full confidence to take actions towards living this amazing creative life that is here for me to live. I’m doing it. I am finally making moves and manifesting amazing opportunities for myself.

Tell me about the ways you handle your “billpayer” or how you are transitioning into new phases of your life!



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