BeenieTV’s NightTime Skincare Routine|| Even Skin+Moisture

It is so important for me to wash the day away at night. The smog, pollution, dust that engulfs my face on a daily basis. When I get home from being outside I feel so dirty that washing my face is a must. Even though the process is a bit tedious I really enjoy taking care of the skin that I’m in. And I believe you should too! People see your skin and face first so it’s important to love on your skin and take care of it no matter what people!

Check out Nighttime Skincare Routine video on my Youtube channel Here:


I remove my makeup with Burt’s Bees Exfoliating Towelette. I love the scent and these are pre-moistened so you don’t have to splash your face with water after. To be honest I was really drawn to the orange packaging lol.


Burt’s Bees Face Towelette:

Step 2: MASK

I am currently using my Fresh Rose Face Mask. This product smells like the natural scent of a rose. It is more a gel like texture instead of a powder mask. I leave it on for about 1-2 minutes then rinse it off with warm water. The Fresh Rose Face Mask leaves my skin moisturized and it also tones and hydrates.


Fresh Rose Face Mask:


The products I am using for my face now have seriously taken my skin to the next level! I’ve been blessed with good skin but we can always take good to great. The first products that have entirely changed my skin are these amazing products from Australian company Aesop. I knew about Aesop but thought it was too expensive for me but now that I’ve changed my views on money I decided to treat myself during a stroll to Downtown LA. The Aesop rep was so nice and really took her time with explaining the type of skin I had and what products would work best for me. The Fabulous Cleanser and the B&Tea Toner have dramatically changed my skin and I am so happy to say my pores are finally smaller than ever before!


Aesop Fabulous Face Cleanser:
Aesop B&Tea Toner:


Although all of these products are moisturizing you must add lotions and oils to your face to keep moisture and nutrients locked in. Trader joe’s 100% Jojoba Oil is all purpose for face, hair and nails. But I add my Fresh Lotus youth Preserve Lotion before the oil so that I can have all of the components and ingredients that are in the Fresh product to really work in my skin.


Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Lotion:


Trader Joe’s 100% Jojoba Oil:

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below to let me know what products you are interested in trying!


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