Less Ego More Spirit

Monday Motivation’s new hashtag on social media really gets me in the mood to share an uplifting word or two. We need constant motivation everyday but I guess people need it on Monday’s the most since that’s the beginning of the week as well as the  work week for most people (Sunday’s start the week for me). But anyway I am all here for the motivating of others. It is so important to lift each other people and as we do that we lift ourselves up which in return lifts up the consciousness of many. Making others feel good makes us feel good and it truly is as simple as that.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 8.36.31 PM

There is more good in a day than bad but our ego loves to cling to the negative small things and snowball them. But your true self, your soul/spirit doesn’t even care about such trivial things because its swirling around in deep love with The Source. Use the power of your spirit to help you control the relentless chatter in your mind. #motivationmondays

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