Choose Who Is Meant To Be With You On Your New Path

When I left my comfort zone being the East Coast, the only coast I had known for 24 years I had never been more confident and at ease with a decision in my life. I was sick of my life. The cold ass New York winter, my tired ass on again off again romance, my bad ass attitude. I wanted it to be gone. I knew there was a better life for me. So with prayer and conviction I decided to move to LA to pursue an acting career and all around step into my new life.

One thing about my decision to leave my comfort zone was that I did not tell anybody. I did not tell any of my best friends, coworkers, random people on the street. Nobody knew except my mom, brother and friend Fatima Farmer (who will be at our Passion + Purpose Event). I decided not to tell anybody because I didn’t want to deal with people putting their fears on me. “What will you do for money?”, “Where will you live?”, “How will you get around?”….all that nonsense I didn’t need. I didn’t need anyone’s opinions because I was so confident in my decision and I believed that God was leading me and guiding me…human opinion was not an option. I was the first one of my family and friends doing what I was doing, so really who could give me proper sound advice?

This hurt a lot of people in my life but when you are leaving your comfort zone and venturing onto a new path people will not understand and you sometimes have to hurt people along the way. That hurt that they feel will pass all that matters is that they support you and they love you. You are your #1 Priority. In my new life I’m surrounded by movers, shakers and creators. I love how we support each other and we help each make our dreams come true.

Passion + Purpose Event

When you venture into your new life relationships will shift and change. You will see who supports you and who doesn’t, who sees your vision and who thinks your vision is ridiculous. This is just ONE of the many topics we will cover at our Passion + Purpose Event on August 30th at TACT Studios NYC from 3pm-530pm. We will be talking about how you can take your life to the next level and get out of your own way. We will be sharing our personal journeys and hope that this can help you on your journey.


Purchase tickets below OR AT THE DOH LOL! See you there! Stay up to date with our Passion + Purpose event by following me on Twitter + Instagram + Youtube = @BeenieTV




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