Brother + Best Friend Visit Me in LA


Overtime someone comes to visit me in LA it’s always an experience for them and myself. My brother finally left NJ and came to visit me. it was his first time traveling in 16 years! Him and my best friend got on a flight and stayed with me for a few days. It was fun and funny ass hell to have these two big ass 6’3 African sides with me everywhere we went. LOL.


Right after we landed they dropped their bags and we headed to MASA’s cafe in Silverlake/Echo Park area. They have these amazing Chicago style deep dish pizza’s that take 45 minutes to make. So while you wait you can have $5 champagne or wine and enjoy black and white silent films and Frank Sinatra playing in the background. When I tell you this pizza is delicious and filling?! The crust has this amazing cornbread texture to it, you absolutely cannot finish it but this makes for perfect leftovers. NOM NOM NOM. After tipsy pizza we headed to Hollywood to check out Straight Outta Compton. If you haven’t seen this film do yourself a favor and check it out! it’s shot so well and you are completely engaged and into it throughout the whole film. To see that there would be no Kendrick, Pac, Bone thugs, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Eminem without NWA is really mind-blowing.


The next day I planned a lovely bonfire for them with all my friends and we had such a good time! We drank and ate some popping turkey burgers, hamburgers and chicken which I seasoned myself and were a hit! LOL. There’s something calming about being tipsy at the beach. The way the water is so warm and you just feel extra free. The moon is bright and the water is almost black it’s just magical. After the beach we ended up at  TRAP HOUSE! I’m not even gunna get into it but all I know is that I ended up at  TRAP HOUSE lmao.



The main reason why my bro and bestie came to visit is because we got tickets to FYF Fest. It was my brother’s first time at a music festival (he stated he wouldn’t be doing one again…he can’t hang LOL). We saw Solange, FKA Twigs, Flying Lotus, Kaytranada, D’Angelo and so many more people. I even saw one of my friends from high school! Solange premiered some new music and we even saw Don Cheadle enjoying some of the performances. We danced our asses off to the crazy tunes of D’Angelo and were completely mesmerized by FKA Twigs’ theatrical performance. Oh and of course Kanye West was a great stand in to the let down of Frank Ocean.  Kanye brought out Rihanna and Travis Scott and i was just going crazy! Although California people don’t know how to turn up like us East Coasters I did most of the turning up for everyone. My brother and I made the fashion posts on!




We looked like a band so we decided to name ourselves “The Band You Never Heard Of”. Our first single is “You Ain’t Got No Money”.


Jodie’s last pic at the LACMA. To see my next LA Adventures find me on Snapchat + Instagram at BeenieTV

*Sprinkles of Spiritual Sassiness*


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