Our Passion + Purpose Event Overview

To see months of work and vision come to real life this past Sunday was amazing to say the least. About 30 men and women gathered to talk about how to leave your comfort zones, release ego thoughts and once and for all dive into self-worth.


The event took place in Chelsea area of New York and it was the perfect venue space. I kept worrying about if we would have enough food or if we needed microphones but I didn’t have to worry about anything at all. We had more than enough delicious food from FairWay Market and Baked by Melissa cupcakes. I was nervous and excited about speaking, telling people my stories and truths can be slightly unnerving.


Everyone who came really enjoyed themselves and I wish we would have just gone on and on and on because after @brittanyjosephina, @baglady.guru, @fatimafarmer and I finished speaking we opened the floor to discussion and the stories people were telling us saddened my heart because there are so many of us that create these false perceptions and lack within our lives. There was a young woman who wanted to dance for a living but felt like because she was brown and buffer that she couldn’t. Every single person told her NO YOU NEED TO DANCE! And that’s what events like this are all about and what people need. We all need that encouragement to pursue our wildest dreams.

event1 evrent 2What made me most proud was all of the people that helped us with the event. From when we had the idea to all the people who helped us tweet/retweet to the day of the event when we had all of our best friends carrying ice lol and putting glitter on the tables. It is amazing to have a support system to know that people have your back no matter what. You are never alone when creating your lofty ideas. You are always going to be supported and honestly you don’t want to do it alone. You want to share your journey and success with the people that helped get you there. Never think that you cannot do something because you do not have enough support because people will come out of the woodworks that you never even knew existed.


All of the beautiful faces and conversations that were had this day confirms for me that this is what I want to continue to do for a large part of my life. I want to speak to people’s spirits and souls and inspire them to lift up to their greatness. On that stage I was so open so ready so free to let people know what I want to become, what I am and what I can do for people.

Thank you to all my friends who came and supported and nourished this idea. Head over to @brittanyjosephina @fatimafarmer @baglady.guru Instagram pages for daily inspiration and motivation

Our talented friend Sir V Moore took some shots of our event, check them out below. Please follow him on his site siremoore.com

tumblr_ntzb61pxjs1qd01p4o4_540 tumblr_ntzb1yBhbp1qd01p4o5_540 tumblr_ntzb1yBhbp1qd01p4o2_540 tumblr_ntzax00KT81qd01p4o4_540 tumblr_ntzasiCMMZ1qd01p4o5_540 tumblr_ntzajtY93z1qd01p4o10_540

tumblr_ntzb1yBhbp1qd01p4o4_540tumblr_ntza5xlzGK1qd01p4o8_540 tumblr_ntz9r77mlf1qd01p4o1_540

I’ll be doing a Behind the Scenes video of the Passion + Purpose Event later this week so be on the lookout for that!



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