Does Worrying Add To Your Life?

I’m going to admit I am an instant worrier. An instant worrier is someone who doesn’t even take the time to assess the situation and they just automatically go into panic mode. For me this is usually centered around EVERYTHING!


But I am glad to say that over the past few months with prayer and mediation I have learned to BREATHE after a situation arises that i don’t feel good about arises. I breathe then tell myself “Why Worry?!”. It is natural for humans to go into panic mode but it is NOT natural to stay there. Take your time and breathe it out. After breathing out realize there is nothing to do at that exact moment except bring positivity into your thoughts or plan a way to make the situation better (but not overthink).

Worrying detaches us from Source energy and depletes our faith in the abundant, loving Universe which asked us to be here. My mother is an anti-worrier. She lets everything rolls off her back like a duck in water. Unless someone is trynna make a fool of her then all hell breaks loose LOL. But she always tells me to calm down, have faith, God is in control, don’t stress yourself. After 26 years all these words of truth and encouragement are finally getting into my head.

Guys, don’t worry. Breathe. Realign with Source. Know that the Universe has your back. And 100% of the time EVERYTHING TURNS OUT ALRIGHT!

“And who of you by being worried can add a single hour to his life?”

Matthew 6:27

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