Designer Spotlight/ My First Youtube Giveaway


Twena Fashions is a fashion company which uses authentic Ghanaian fabric to create beautifully designed dresses for women and shirts for men. Twena has been designing, creating and sourcing for a few years now. What makes Twena so unique is her modern spin on classic/traditional fabric patterns. I am wearing the “Angelina” dress, which is a fabric that was really popular back in 1970’s in Ghana and what makes this dress so unique is the detailing.

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This dress fits me like a glove! I sent her my measurements and I got back this amazing dress which fit like it was made for me! Which it was lol! But that’s how something which is handcrafted should fit! One of a kind pieces at a great value. All the fabric is sourced from Ghana and that adds to her specialty designs.


Twena enjoys making beautiful items for people because she knows how amazing she feels when she wears her own designs and wants that feeling to resonate with people who purchase her pieces. That’s the magic of creating something that makes you feel good knowing that when someone else puts it on they will feel the same.


You can order your own custom pieces as well as already designed pieces on her site, follow her on Instagram @Twena and Like her Facebook page Twena Fashions here

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Watch my Youtube Video to find out more info on Twena Fashions and how to enter the giveaway! I am so excited for all the support I have gotten on BeenieTV and now I feel like I am in a great place to give back to you guys! Twin and I teamed up to giveaway a one of a kind skirt designed by her using a beautiful traditional Ghanian fabric. Giveaway end on FRIDAY people!

In order to enter in the giveaway you must

a. Follow @BeenieTV On Instagram

b. Follow @Twena on Instagram

c. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel

Good Luck! Photos taken by @svmel



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