Money is Energy

We live in a society where you need money to survive and thrive. You need it to pay your bills, buy awesome clothes, give to charity and fund your personal businesses. Money is good but for a long time it’s gotten such a bad rep! It’s been known to assist in making people greedy, cheat others and deplete one’s spiritual and mental well being. But no more can we blame awesome money for people’s terrible use of it. Money is good. That is final. What you do with it and what it means to you is where it get’s tricky.

I believe money is energy just like everything in the Universe. You give it. You receive it. You want it and desire it then it comes to you. If you don’t give it away or if you hold onto it greedily you cut yourself off from the energy.

When your hand is out to give it is also in the position to recieve

I of course to work my way to truly believing that money was good and that it comes to me easily and that magical money always finds me (btw these are affirmations I use daily you can use em!). I had to teach myself that it was okay to buy expensive things not because I had the money but because I deserved it and I was worthy of having nice things in my life. I’ve struggled, I know how to stretch $100 for two weeks but I also know what it’s like to get an $1,800 check or receive $200 out of nowhere. Shifting your views of money is essential. You deserve it. You can receive it. You are allowed to feel great when you have it.

In my latest video on I get more in depth about my history with money and I give you some other really great affirmations to use to bring delicious money into your life!

What are some of your views on money? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe!



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