Shift Your Mindset


What we focus on continues to be our focus.

What we resist persists.

Your repetitive thoughts become beliefs which become actions and end up as your life situation.

Our minds are one of the most beautiful parts of the human body. The conscious mind the subconscious mind all connected to Spirit with elements of ego, the past, the future, the present all mixed into one. Our mind is how we create and manifest people, places and things in our lives. When you think it and see it in your mind you will see it in your reality/ in your life.

So why continue to tell your mind sad, not enoughness, less than stories and thoughts? These stories and thoughts that flow in your mind come into your life whether you want them or not because everything is connected the the Source which is creative manifesting energy. Leave those old stories behind. Leave those lies you are telling yourself behind.


Stop telling yourself that “I am too ugly” and instead say to yourself “I am a masterpiece created by God and there are no mistakes in God’s creations”

Stop telling yourself “I don’t deserve success” and instead say to yourself “I am deserving of living the best life every simply because I am alive”

Positive thoughts and meditations are not just things to do. No they are ways to connect with the Source and allow you to shed the lies you tell yourself and help you to discover the magical being you truly are. Repeat positive thoughts all day everyday instead of negative thoughts or worries all the time.

The great things about positive thoughts that are repeated is that you begin to feel a “light” within you as you keep repeating them. Try it. Say to yourself “I believe in myself” 10 times in a  row. By the 7th one you are saying it with meaning and you are feeling better, right?! Speaking goodness over yourself makes you feel good and when you feel good you attract good.

What do you want? Think it. Repeat it. Feel it. And you will see a shift in your mind. A shift in your life.

You deserve to be & feel happiness, joy and connection ok?



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