What Type of Hair Do I Have?!!!


My hair journey has been one of low cuts, long weaves, mohawks, perms, curls, cuts, colors everything and nothing in between! I’ve had a pretty adventurous hairstory, back in 2010 I cut all of my hair off and I was walking around beautiful and bald. To be honest once I cut my hair off opportunities and different worlds began doing to me. When people cut their hair whether it’s all off or bob we are not just changing our hairstyle you are shedding excess, becoming a better you and essentially going down a new path in life.

Once I cut my hair off I pretty much left it short for 3 years. Once I tried to grow it out when the natural hair movement became bigger but I couldn’t do the whole deep conditioning treatment, bantu knots, silk caps and all that I couldn’t do it! I didn’t have the patience! But TODAY…..I have waved the white flag and I’ve given in. My hair is much longer than it’s been in a while and now I must take care of my hair and nourish it.


After much research I discovered but not surprised that I am a 4b and 4c hair type meaning my hair is tightly coiled and it is a mix of “S” and “Z” in my curl patterns. With my hair type it is imperative to moisturize and use oils such as jojoba and coconut oil to keep the natural oils in my hair. Before I had more hair I would read articles about different hair types and how they had become a form of segregation within the natural hair community. I didn’t get it but  understood why it was happening. As I state what type of hair I have it is more for me to educate myself on how to nourish and take care of myself the same way I nourish and take care of the rest of me.

Type 4b strands have a “Z” shape and a less defined curl pattern. Instead of curling or coiling, the hair bends in sharp angles like the letter “Z.” Type 4b hair is tightly coiled and can feel wiry to the touch. Type 4b hair can range from fine and thin to wiry and coarse with many strands packed densely together. This hairtype often experiences shrinkage up to 75% of its actual hair length. Type 4b coils can hold altered styles well in comparison to Types 2, 3, or 4a hair.


Watch my latest video on Youtube.com/beenietv to find out more about my hair type. And when you watch you will find out the BEST product I have ever used for my 4b/4c hair!



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