How To Make A Smoothie Bowl || Collab Video With @SadiyaMarie

Have you ever made a Smoothie Bowl?! If not you are in for a treat. I’ve been obsessed with Smoothie Bowls and looking at how beautiful they are almost too beautiful to eat. Topped with bananas, nuts, coconut flakes OMG YES! A smoothie bowl is basically a smoothie (with a thicker consistency) that is topped with added on nutrients. They are fun to make as well as refreshing and make great snacks or meal replacements.

I found the courage to finally make one thanks to mommy + yoga vlogger @SadiyaMarie. I connected with @SadiyaMarie via Instagram because I loved see her teaching these amazing yoga poses and her being a young mom as well as being truthful about her story of self discovery. Not to mention on her Youtube channel,, she gives us hints + tips on how live a simple, organic and healthy life. Follow her on Insta and the Tube to get more of this amazing woman!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.55.08 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.56.38 PM

So we decided to do a collar video at first we were like how do we do this because we live on opposite sides of the country. Then we came up with the idea of making Smoothie Bowls and answering personal questions we ask each other. It was fun making the bowl and answering questions I haven’t been asked in a long time!

Get your ingredients and let’s SMOOTHEEIINGGG! *I made that up….your welcome*

Ingredients For My Smoothie Bowl:


Kalifa Farms Unsweetened Milk


2 Bananas

Cacao Powder

Toppings From Trader Joes:

Candied Pecans

Coconut Shreds

Pistachio Meat


Cacao Nibs

Enjoy! If you liked this smoothie bowl and have your own recipe let me know in the comments below! Thank you for Subscribing



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