What The Super Blood Moon Did For Us || BeenieTV Spiritual Sassiness

On Septemeber 28th 2015 the world experienced the Super Blood Moon. My friends and I had a party for it and there was interpretive dancing, beer and reading of birth charts! We had the party on a rooftop and could faintly see the redness of the moon behind the smog and fog from the LA skyline. We also caught glimpses of the eclipse, after which the moon become so bright and the sky so clear.

This moon was very special because it was a blood moon, it was a super moon, it was a full moon, it was a new moon and it was an Aries moon! Everything is connected and whether you believe it or not this moon shifted your consciousness and changed you. My girlfriend put it in a very clear way depicting it as walking across a bridge and getting to the other side only to turn around and see that the bridge has crumbled and fallen and you can never go back. That was a major plus for us. Letting go of old habits, old thoughts old believes and never returning to them again.

This Super Blood Moon was very significant for all Aries. This moon for us completely raised our consciousness and made us aware that huge changes are happening. I know the days before the moon I was feeling a serious shift and no longer thinking thought i used to think or feel ways i used to feel. I was praying and meditating a lot to try to gain clarity on what was happening to me. But if you are an Aries you can rest assured that yes you are a new person and no you are not crazy. Enjoy this new person that you are!

I speak more about my experience and the Super Blood Moon on my Youtube channel. Watch Below.

Tell me what the Super Blood Moon made you feel in the comments below.



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