BeenieTV’s LA Livin Series with Sam Hoggs (@svmxel)

me and sam

In my LA Livin’ Series I get the chance to dig into the brains of people who have made the move to the city of Angels. Every year thousands of people venture to LA to find success, love, peace of mind, etc. Everyone on their own Hero’s Journey. Being a pretty new transplant myself it’s been nice sitting down and chatting with people about trials and tribulations of leaving your comfort zone to pursue awesomeness.

I got the chance to interview creative, visionary and southern gentleman Sam Hoggs. I met Sam via Instagram (follow him @svmxel) because he saw one of my other LA Livin interviews with Durrell Brown (watch here). I love the inter webs for that. It legit is a web of connections and can be used for so much greater when you know how to use it. 


Sam Hoggs has lived in LA for a few months and has navigated his way through the city of angels and has gotten super clear on what he wants to do with his life which is the joy of starting the Hero’s Journey. Allowing yourself to be confident in your lofty dreams and knowing that with conviction, preparation and opportunity that you can do it!




Sam has such an easy going spirit. An infectious smile and really great style. Watch his LA Livin’ Series with me below to get more insight on his ups and downs here in Los Angeles.


Follow on Instagram @svmxel


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