You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero Book Review

You know I am an avid reader. An avid self-help reader. Anytime a book pulls at my soul I have to share it with everyone i know. This book was referred via twitter by Aleali May and I have had it on my to-buy list for a few months. I finally got some extra money and purchased this book.

Jen Sincere tells her tales of going from loserville to world traveling life coach with humor, realness and actual advice I want to use. Sometimes with self-help books I get lost in doing the activities then I end up not doing them which equals me not seeing results. But with “You Are A Badass” I want to follow jet’s advice because I am similar to Jen and if she can do it so can I. Some of her exercises worked for me and I’ve implemented them into my life. After reading this book, and sharing it with my best friend and coworkers, I felt a shift. A shift that I deserve better and I am going to receive better rather than what is just given to me.

In my latest YT video I review “You Are A Badass” and read a quote from the book. Connect with Jen at

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