How Old Is Too Old To Intern?

I have had many internships in my life but nothing speaks to my soul as much as my Social Media internship at House of Intuition. I had my eyes set on visiting this metaphysical store back when I was in my cubicle in New York and Los Angeles seemed like a far away dream. As life would have it they were looking for interns and I knew I could be a great asset to the team. But as a 26 year old with a Bachelor’s Degree was an unpaid internship the right move? Thoughts of am I too old? Is this a great use of my time? How is this making me money?

All those thoughts came flooding to my mind and after a discussion with my good friends I said. Fuck it. Yes.

Experience, knowledge, opportunity these are what you need to have a full and fun life. You are NEVER to old to learn or give your time to something you feel passionate about. House of Intuition is a metaphysical store and because spirituality is one of my favorite topics this internship resonates with my soul. To be honest I don’t feel like an intern I feel like someone who is part of a dope ass team of light workers.

Having been there for only a few months I have learned so much and exchanged my knowledge of social media. So if you have a job in fashion but love plants get an internship with a botanical garden in your area. Feed that part of you that isn’t getting enough nourishment.

We have to live with the intention of why not.

I speak more on my internship experience in my latest BeenieTV episode. If you haven’t already Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and help me get to 500 subscribers!


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