Bad Makeup Review: Sephora Makeup Brush Shampoo

This is my first bad review and I almost feel bad about it because I truly enjoy Sephora and there customer service and customer appreciation. But this Sephora Makeup Brush Shampoo is not good plain and simple.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.38.28 PM.png

I purchased this shampoo a while ago and finally got around to using it on my brushes. The first thing  I did not like about the product was how tough it was to get out a decent amount of shampoo to use on my brushes. The other thing I did not like about this product was how it actually did not clean my brushes well. After I would was them with the shampoo the top of the brushes would be clean but the center/middle part of the brush would still be dirty.

One thing I will say is that this shampoo cleans sponges very well, other than that I will not be purchasing this product again. Sorry Sephora but you failed me.

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