My Internship Experience

I have been interning since I was 16.I’ve been everything from a fashion assistant to an office assistant. I have never really had issues doing free work because the knowledge I was gaining was priceless. From the accomplishments to the fuck ups there are so many situations and personality types I can handle because of my internships.

In my latest BeenieTV video (click here to subscribe ) I take you on a trip down memory lane as I talk about my funny, embarrassing, uplifting internships in the fashion industry.


This is the Complex Magazine cover I assisted with back in 2011.

PS Andy Samberg was super kind and sweet.

I’ve interned at Tommy Hilfiger, Italian brand Les Hommes, Complex Magazine and a few other places in between. My one piece of advice for all the fashionistas/fashionistos out there is too start early, forget about whether your getting paid or not and take NOTHING personally. People can be harsh in all industries but especially the fashion industry, you must build up a thick skin.


Tell me about some of your crazy internship experiences in the comments below and connect with me here on by subscribing!




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