LA Livin’ Series with Andrea Lewis

In my latest LA Livin Series I chatted with actress and web series created Andrea lewis. I met Andrea almost a year and half ago when I submitted myself her Black Actress web series. I kept in touch and when I moved to LA I emailed her questions to help me on this journey. Now that all that time has passed I got to sit down with her and chat about her taking her career into her own hands, moving to LA permanently and everything in between!

BeenieTV 9

Some really great gems that Andrea dropped were about the process of being a creative. Having ideas and letting them harbor in your heart and mind while they grow. It’s okay to not execute all of your ideas right when they appear. Sometimes there are lessons that you have to learn to help fine-tune your project when you are fully ready to show it to the world.

BeenieTV 6

Andrea’s Black Actress web series is a hilarious depiction of finding yourself, love and making your own way as an actor. If you haven’t checked out this series please do yourself a favor! Black Actress Webseries


Connect with my LA Livin Series interview with Andrea here on BeenieTV and be sure to Subscribe. Comment. Share.

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