Coffee Body Scrub || Winter Skin

My skin is TERRIBLE in the winter time. I was born very dry and although my skin is always glowing and on flee in the summer by winter it is on FLOP! I’ve tried a ton of lotions and oils and nothing would stay past noon. I realized I needed to do a weekly scrub to get all that dead skin off me. Scrubbing once or twice a week has helped me a ton. It doesn’t get too cold in LA but it does get very dry. My Coffee Body Scrub will help any of you who are as dry as me!


You will need Cinnamon, Turmeric, Coffee Grounds and Coconut oil

Mix it all and scrub boo! Just 4 ingredients away from smooth well moisturized skin.


Watch me make my Coffee Body Scrub and I give you more info on the amazing nutrients all the ingredients can offer you. Subscribe. Connect. Share.

*This is also a great and easy holiday gift*



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