Align in 2016


This resonates with me so much. To do the things that align with your purpose that you know you are meant to have, be, do and experience.

I intern for the social media team at the metaphysical store House of Intuition (@houseofintuition). This is a piece of writing in the description for their New Year 2016 magic candle. Purchase here

I received glimpses of what it would be like to fully throw my being into something and I saw many experiences manifest. So to know that I am that powerful and work with an amazing God/Universe I am ready to dive and life this quote.

If I am powerful then so are you. We are all so powerful and can all align with our core desired feelings to create these magnificent outcomes once we focus on what he really want.

Destiny is such a beautiful thing. Thoughts, dreams, a fire in your soul to achieve something. I always say they were not placed there by accident. They were placed there by God because you my dear friend are an important part of the human thread and those dreams must (and will!) manifest for the greater good of humanity.

Thank you 2015 for the glimpses Wuddup 2016 to live aligned with my core  values!



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