Being Black in the Workspace

I can confidently say for majority of my life I have been who I am. My exterior has been a gift and a curse. From being taunted as a child and teenager for my skin being too dark to it now being coveted by people of all races. Being Black or African American can be a very tricky thing. It’s hard to navigate between racial awkwardness and just wanting to be your fucking self in the workplace.

Being BlackJust like any seeds of self-doubt it begins with outsiders telling you that you are less than and you sadly begin to believe it. These thoughts become ingrained in your mind so much sot hat you believe they were yours to begin with. But they were not. You child of color, unique person, anti-normal are not what they say you are. You are what YOU say you are.

In one of my last video I spoke on my internship experiences (watch here) and one of my subscribers asked me about being black in the workplace and how she sometimes felt uncomfortable. The workplace can be an eye-opening and bubble bursting space sometimes when people show you their close-mindedness. But through all of that we must continue to walk in our greatness!

To be Young, Gifted & Black. Watch my latest video below to hear what Sprinkles of Spiritual Sassiness I offer….





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