Spiritual Goodies Haul

Taking care of the mind, body and soul is necessary to maintain a healthy balanced life. When we feel a little out of shape we go to the gym/workout. When we feel like our stomachs and bodies are not agreeing with us we change up our diet. But when we feel like our spirits are down what do we do? We pray, we meditate we light candles. Or in my case if I need an extra pick me up I go Spiritual Goodies shopping!

Lucky for me I assist on the social media team at metaphysical store House of Intuition this small business has grown so much over the years and you can even find some of their products in Urban Outfitters. All of their products are made at their home with love and lots of intention to make sure you and I have the best that life has to offer. Show the social media team some love and follow them on IG here

In my latest BeenieTV video (youtube.com/beenietv) I show you my Spiritual Goodies Haul. Check out some images and a brief description of my items but to get more in depth on these products from House of Intuition (houseofintuitionla.com) watch my latest video!


Place this in a mason jar in your KITCHEN (specifically your kitchen) to bring and KEEP money in your life


AWAKEN spray used to Awaken areas of yourself that may be dormant


Orange is the color for courage and power. When lighting a candle be clear on your intentions and never blow out a candle instead snug out the candle


Incense always lift my mood! House of Intuition has an array of incense in stock


Red Calcite is a crystal used for the heart and root chakra. Energizes, Detoxifies, Uplifts Emotions, Alleviates Fear….


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