Smoothie of the Week

Happy MARCH!

I have not been eating that great since returning back home from New Orleans. With all the alligator, oyster, fried foods I ate you know my body has been craving true nutrition. But then time did not allow me to go grocery shopping! So I forced myself to buy one or two things to finally make a smoothie and what I created is delicious.

I’ve been making smoothies on a consistent basis since about 2013. I’ve mad so many relish and not relish recipes. A smoothie a day truly has kept my digestive system in order and has helped my family so much as well. As a Ghanaian American kale is not part of the diet loooooll so being able to get nutrition from kale and berries and bananas in an on the go meal has been live changing.

This week’s smoothie consists of:


-Almond Milk (sweetened & unsweetened)



-Banana (frozen or fresh)

-Coconut Oil


and VOILA! Here is this week’s smoothie!




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