LA Livin Series with Dat Yoga Dude

My LA Livin’ Series is back with some spiritual knowledge for ya!

This time around we have Yoga teacher, wellness + health educator, public speaker and all around cool California guy James Woods better known as Dat Yoga Dude!


I met James two years ago and his story fascinated me. A young black man with a world of knowledge and degrees teaching Yoga and truly being a master at it. Any conversation with Dat Yoga Dude will have you instantly feeling at peace and less crazy lol. Every Yoga class I’ve taken with James has always left me feeling rejuvenated. His class style is filled with self love affirmations as well as vibe RnB music to put you in a cool head space.

For this interview we headed to Green Tree Meditation in South Central Los Angeles which is where you would least expect a Yoga studio but also the perfect place to have a Yoga studio. Watch the video below to connect with our discussion on Yoga, being a black male of the wellness + health sector and all things soul work.

Connect with Dat Yoga Dude:






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