Push Past Fear

Pushing past your fear is scary. Fear is scary. Being scared is scary.

But we were not born with the spirit of fear but rather the spirit of power, love and self control. Everyday we must take the small steps to work towards the future that we truly desire.

Fear- False Evidence Appearing Real. We create such dramatic stories of what we THINK will happen, then when it comes to the actual moment it is never as bad as we IMAGINED it would be.

I deal with being scared all the time.  But if I am going to do something I can’t wait until I am no longer scared. I must push past that and go for what I want and what I deserve. You can do the something too. Get out of your head. Align with your higher self. Make the moves that you know you need to make.

In my latest BeenieTV video I discuss more in-depth the mind, the ego, fear and ways to become more confident in pushing past it. Go ahead and share this with any of your friends who you believe could benefit from this video share with them and be sure to SUBSCRIBE. COMMENT.



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