My E-course is here + GIVEAWAY

I have been missing in action for a couple weeks and that is because I have been seriously working on my e-course! This is a passion project placed on my heart by God and now it’s real and now I can share it with the world. This idea came to me last year and stuck to my heart everyday until I finally got the courage, the funds and the time to make it a reality.

Self-love is a life-saving practice and for me it hasn’t always been easy. With years of self-hate and feeling comfortable in my skin, allowing people to steal my shine I did the work and said enough is enough. I dove into meditation, reading The Bible, releasing all the pain and hurt and I’m finally in a place where I can look myself in the eyes and say “I love you”. That’s my wish for everyone in the world. To be able to truly, madly,deeply love themselves in a world that is constantly deeming them unloveable.

instagram e-course


be.LOVE.ed is a four week e-course divided into the topics of self-love, self-worth, self-care and overflow of self. Each topic comes with workbooks, a private Facebook group, affirmation/meditations and a scheduled 15 minute phone call with me! Find out more in my latest Youtube Video

Sign up for your free worksheet + meditation at


  1. Follow Me On instagram at BeenieTV
  2.  Put up a picture or text visual on Instagram telling me why you are ready to take your self-love journey to the next level using the hashtag #belovedecourse

Let’s Get To Lovin!


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