2 YEAR LA-VERSARY// 3 Things I Would Do Differently

April 1st 2014 I moved to Los Angeles with 2 suitcases, about $5,000 and a swollen face from removing two wisdom teeth the night before. I’ve experienced having a lot of money to having NO money, to going to the dopest clubs to being in the house just reading my Bible, friendship trips, kundalini yoga, 5 star sushi, Vegas, roaches, crackheads, auditions, so so so much more. My life in Los Angeles is a beautiful progress and I’m just so excited to see what else this city and path has in store for me.

It’s been two years and I will never look back. I always say my personality fits Los Angeles so much more than New Jersey + New York. There are three things I would do differently and they are….

  1. Not working so many hours which prevented me from exploring the city.
  2. Not travel back home as much and become more rooted in LA
  3. Take your time finding your apartment

Find out more in my latest Youtube video below. Be sure to Subscribe and if you live in Los Angeles let’s start a convo on some things you would do differently.


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