Not Every Opportunity is a Good One

Have you ever been presented an opportunity that seems so good…like really good but when you really analyze it you slowly realize it actually isn’t as perfect as it looks?

A few weeks ago I was presented with an opportunity that would have been perfect for me before my life started to take shift into my true purpose. I applied for this internship with this really dope stylist and I was obsessed with her IG and Snapchat, everything about her was visually appealing. She had the car, the career, the man, looks, the money and I wanted to be all about that life a few months ago. Fast forward and I hear back from her team and they wanted to interview me but by this time the opportunity came around I made the decision to really let the fashion side of me go and focus on the life coach/spiritual leader side of me….which is the truer side of me.

It was hard saying no…very very hard…but I had to do what was right for my life and where I know it’s going. Have you ever been in that situation? Find out more about topsy turvy opportunity in my latest video on BeenieTV below. Thanx for subscribing if you feel me!



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