Fasting From Social Media

Hi Beloveds!

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted and that’s because I was fasting from social media for two weeks, which turned into three when I went to London for a week (post coming soon). I started the fast because i wanted to truly hear from God and to seriously desire HIM and understand what he needed me to pour into. It’s good to take a break. Event tough I was scared that I was going to be forgotten or lose followers, i quickly realized both of those things did and didn’t happen. There’s so much celeb gossip and new music that I don’t know about and that’s completely fine with me.

I encourage you to step away from consuming your mind, spirit and soul with other people’s lives and become present in your own life.

During my fast I also stayed away from sugars (which was very very very hard), all meats, animal products, TV, all things internet, selective music and I just really really got into God’s word. I’m at a point in my spiritual life that I want to really know that what God says about me IS in FACT true. And I had to shut out anything distracting in order to do so.

There’s parts of em that wishes that I could stay in a social media (world fast) for months but then I wouldn’t be able to share my story with you guys! Check out my latest BeenieTV video and find out more of why I fasted. SUBSCRIBE.



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