London Trip Testimony

It’s been about a week or so since I left London and I’m still a bit jet lag and trying to back into the new swing of things. If you follow my YouTube videos you know I’ve been going through a transition season of my life and things don’t look like how they used to. To be honest I’m not making as much money as I used to and a lot of my faith is tested in this area. For my birthday my mom got me a ticket to London, which was a super blessing because she really didn’t have to. So once the ticket was booked all I could think of was how am I going to get by in London without that much money. Because my bills and my income are about the same there’s not that much money to play with or save, which I’ve come to accept that as part of my transition season, no need for me to fight against it. So all I had was $100 = 60 GBP and I kept saying to myself God you got me, I lack nothing with you, its gunna be alright. Half of me knew I wasn’t going to go hungry because my family lives in London and my moms coming with me so meals was a given. I was more concerned with getting around London and public transportation.

So the day before I leave for London, I say okay God you got me…that’s it. I go downstairs to my mailbox and see a $500 commission check from my old job! I almost started balling crying right there! God saw my faith and blessed me with money to go to London with. I still have some of that money left! So not only does God show you his power when you believe and have faith but it will always be in overflow!

That’s my London Trip Testimony. Of course I had fun and took a bunch of pictures and it was great seeing my family but it’s important to share the semi-struggle story behind all those perfectly curated Instagram posts. BTW if you want to see some pics from my trip follow me on IG at BeenieTV.

Be sure to check out my video below and hear about my testimony and my loving family.




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