Broke But Blessed

Have you ever been in a place in your life where you were so broke yet still so happy? Happy in the sense that you look past your money woes and actually enjoy everything else in your life? That’s where I finally am in my life. To be super transparent here, there are time when I only have $1 in my bank account but by God’s Grace I am comforted and in those moments I truly want for nothing. Yes money helps and it is energy and should be given and received but it truly is not everything.

My transitionary period ( that stage in your life where everything turns upside down and you don’t recognize your own life) has forced me to be really broke but appreciate the meantime of my life and the present moment.

My latest video is not just about money it’s about understanding what deeply satisfies us as human beings and understanding that true joy & happiness comes from love, family, moments, friendships and God.

Enjoy my latest video Watch Here



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