Meditate With My Affirmations

Affirmations are seeds we plant in the mind that sprout into new thoughts and beliefs of ourselves. We use them to become our highest and best self. They give us faith in a greater life and greater person who is worthy of living this life.

I’ve been using affirmations for years and I have seen serious changes in myself as well as my ability to manifest using powerful affirmations. They can be so simple or very detailed depending on how you work. The most important thing about using affirmations is to repeat them hundreds of times all day everyday. We plant the seed by stating the affirmation but we water it and allow it to blossom by repeating the affirmation.

In my e-course I use affirmations throughout the course because I am living proof of how important they are on this self-love and life journey. Find out more about my e-course here! In one of my latest beenietv episodes I do some meditative exercises with you using affirmations from my e-course. You can use these or use this as the foundation to create your own. Watch It Now Here!



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