Don’t Force Vibez

Vibez = energy, dope factor, personality, aura, spirit, presence

Have you every found yourself in a friendship with someone and you realized that this person’s vibe just doesn’t go with yours? Like they are cool, dope, nice person in their own right but they just don’t fit you? If so that means you my friend are forcing a vibe that does not need to be forced.

As we grow and get hurt and learn, we understand what type of friendships and loveships we desire and are worthy of  having. There are so many good people in this world so why deal with someone who isn’t all that great to or for you?

When I was younger I let any old person in my life because something about me was desperate for friends or to be included and I didn’t want to deal with that awkwardness of telling someone that they weren’t a right fit for me loll. But now I can happily walk away, never look back and move forward to better.

In my latest video I discuss my new realization of no longer forcing vibez and not holding onto forced things. Watch It Here + BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE



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