Who + How I Used to Be…

The transitions seasons of life always make us look back appreciate what we no longer are. As we grow and surrender and change we lose taste for the things that we used to desire. Growing up I was always seeking validation and love from guys or attention at school. I was always looking for someone to love me or to see the awesomeness that  was. Sadly and sometimes hilariously I was met with completely opposite results leaving me in awkward positions, scary situations, broke, alone, uh mess, all of the above.

As I’ve grown in my faith I know and understand that God loved me all along. All through me mess and confusion and complete denial of his son….I was being loved and made into who I am today. Of course I make mistakes today and it is a fact I will get better as time goes on, I can be happy and relieved that I am no longer who I used to be.

Wherever you are on your journey know that you are guided, you are protected, the end and the beginning have already been destined for you so don’t beat yourself up too much. Learn from what no longer is and get ready for the blessings and transformations that are about to take place in your life.

In my latest Youtube video WATCH HERE  I discuss my journey from who I was ten years ago in High School to who I am now! SUBSCRIBE




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