Cleansing energies is so important to me. I can’t enter my home without smudging and I can’t go out into the world without my Palo Santo spray. We take on so much energy from being around others and that energy attaches to us. Ever wonder why or how someone can walk in a room and the entire mood of the room shifts? We are all connected and what one of us feels we all feel. We take on a lot of each other’s good and bad stuff and clearing excess energy from you makes way for your own energy to shine through. Being a Christian + spiritual wellness go hand in hand.

Many of us use SAGE as an energy cleanser because that’s what we are used to seeing in tv, movies, music videos, etc. Sage is great for a space that was previously owned by someone else. It clears ALL energy…it’s almost like a bleach. Sage is great for those situations but for everyday clearing I prefer PALO SANTO, also known as Holy Wood. This sweet smelling wood clears out all the bad and leaves the good.

Want to find out more about these energy cleansers? Watch my latest episode of beenietv HERE.



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