Welcome To Self-Full September

September brings purging, pruning and newness. Summer is not over but we must start getting in the posture of how we are going to finish the rest of the year. Let us focus on filling our selves up + so I present “SELF-FULL SEPTEMBER”.


You cannot give what you don’t have. You can’t give love if you don’t have it without strings attached, you can’t truly nurture another unless you fully care for yourself. You must fill yourself up. Join me and join your highest self this month.
Let us fill ourselves up this month with love, peace, clarity, trust, passion, care, honesty, light, wisdom,etc. Society teaches you to put others before yourself, it’s change the rules and break the laws. Being SELF-FULL IS NOT SELFISH. Selfish is letting yourself come last, draining yourself of your resources and energy as others walk all over you.
 FILL YOURSELF UP BELOVED and allow what overflows be a blessing to your friends, family, loved ones, community + world.
Every week I’ll be bring 3 videos centered around my e-course topics (self-worth, self-care, self-love, overflow of self). With each week we will also be focusing on a corresponding affirmation. Using the hashtag #IAMSelfFull
Subscribe to beenietv.com to stay up to date. Watch the Self-Full September Video HERE
Let us fill ourselves up and do away with thoughts, actions, compulsive thoughts that keep us in our old selves. Let’s go deep into the roots of who we are in God’s eyes and let us never become empty again. I can’t wait to feel, see + experience the growth that will take place this month!

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