Self-Full September//SELF-WORTH #1 + #2

In the first video for the week of Self-Worth I give you an exercise to write out where you may fall short of your worth + the best that God has for you. The intention of the Self-Full September is to put away what no longer serves us. To look deep within ourselves, bring up the dark parts of us and shed light on them. After this month we want to never feel depleted again. To move forward and never look back. To let God lead us to the greatness he has for us and truly let go of the things that distract us from that. Watch the latest video from the SELF-FULL SEPTEMBER series and be sure to use the hashtag #IAMSelfFull

As I conclude the SELF WORTH section of SELF-FULL September, my desire is for you to take the of self-worth that’s been planted, allow it to take root, water it and let it sprout into a deep understanding of self. Below is video #2. Watch. Comment. And share you self-worth story below.


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