Self Full September: Self Care-MIND

Self Care is the second topic for my Self Full September series. Self Care is one of the most important parts of being a human. We’ve been taught to put ourselves last and to wait for a lover or a friend or a pet to come and care for us. The only person who can care for you and love you IS YOU. You are the ONLY consistent person in your life so you have to be able to tell yourself your the bomb before anyone else does. You must care for yourself, nurture yourself NOW and not wait for someone to come later. Fill yourself up now so that you can also attract a full person and you can share the love of yourself with another.

For SELF CARE I will be dividing it in three sections, mind, body + soul. This video is about the mind. I always talk about how the mind is a garden. Seeds to plant are positive thoughts thoughts. Watering the seeds is used through affirmations. Weeds are egoic thoughts that need to be plucked. Let’s talk more about taking care of your mind and watch the video below. COMMENT. SUBSCRIBE. SHARE.




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