In the last video for self care we delve into the SOUL! Soul is our personality, past events + memories and all the things that make us a little bit more human. The soul carries so much, everything we go through sticks to our souls which is why it is so important to meditate, pray and ask for cleansing and clearing for our souls.

I enjoy doing Chakra Cleansing Meditations once in a while to get my chakras all aligned. The Chakra is an energy center located in 7 areas running vertical down the body. From the  Root Chakra- located at the base of the body to the Crown Chakra located above our heads, each chakra is connected to areas of our lives. From basic needs to sexuality, money, creativity the more we cleanse and clear these spaces the clearer it will be to receive the best in these areas.

Move to a quiet space and let’s get meditating!




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