I decided after my Self Full September Series that I would take a break from everything. I originally had one month in my mind but then it turned into two months. During those two months I was really getting into my Christian side and going deeper into the Bible, God’s voice, going to church even more. I gained so much inside and knowledge + saw so many parts of what it takes to walk as a Christian in so many different ways. I released old issues that were still haunting me, I completely cut certain ways of thinking off, I cried, I laughed, I felt free, I felt more healed than ever.

But somehow I felt like I was losing my spiritual voice + power. I know nothing can separate us from God’s love but having a personal relationship with Him that is in no way, shape or form forced is most important. By taking on other people’s ideas + teachings I was losing what I already knew to be true about God + how I communicate with him.

Have you ever felt that way? If so watch my latest Youtube video below and leave in the comments below anytime you felt like you were doing something good yet you were losing yourself.


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