What Are Your Truths?

We are fed so much information all day every day. Alot of the information I receive is either spiritual or funny because those are the Instagrams, Tumblrs + people I choose to follow. The great thing is that I can try other people’s spiritual beliefs and see if it works for me or not. But for a long time I would take other people’s ideas, thoughts, beliefs as my own and not being aware of the fact that it actually did not work for me. Trial + error along with free will is a gift and a curse. That’s why it’s important to honor your true self and operate from that place.

I’m going into 2017 living from my 3 major truths. Everyone has truths about themselves that God has placed there that will never ever be able to be taken away from you. I don’t mean personality traits I mean things that are deep down in your spirit about your life + your purpose that you’ve known since you could remember. Living from your truths will allow you to eliminate what you accept and what you choose to let go.

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