My November Favorites

Last month I got into a podcast. A webseries. And deodorant that you apply with you hands. Random I know but they are all so dope that I have to share them with you guys!

My college friends started a podcast centered around music, life and music culture. I love the podcast because it gives you a woman of colors perspective on all areas of the music industry. Take a listen here

Another one of my hilarious friends has decided to take his career into his own hands and created a web series centered around millennials living in NYC. The first episode had me cracking up as I watched his character get into some trouble with weed brownies. Watch + Subscribe to the first episode here:

Last but not least I had to change my deodorant because my Crystal Essence was no longer working for me. Luckily i found Primal Pit Paste at Whole Foods for $10. It is organic + natural and has to be applied by hand but when I tell you a good old glob under the armpit lasts all day it truly lasts all day. Check them out here:

Check out my latest video for more


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