5 Things To Know Before You Move To LA

This video is for anybody wanting to move to LA. I’ve lived here for two years and I feel like I’m getting the hang of it. It’s a city that you have to accept as it is and never compare it to where you come from or any other major city. Los Angeles is a weird city where dreams come true. But before you pack your bag and join the city of lost angels here are 5 things you need to know. All from my experience and perspective.
1. Please have a plan before you move here. This is not a city that you can just coast. This is a city that works off the energy you bring + yes you will have to work for what you want but you will fur sure see the manifestation of your dreams as long as your intention for coming here is good + clear
2. It’s gunna get tough, rough + real. You can’t be poor for too long in LA before it’s just not fun
3. LA is very big so use Google Maps + Street View when looking for apartments. this is a driving city so you want to make sure you live walking distance to things that are convenient.
4. Los Angeles is great for people who are looking to stay connected spiritually and with nature. There is an abundance of holistic stores, vegan restaurants, parks + hiking trails. It’s this great balance between the world luxury + God
5. It is a lonely city so if you are not ready to be with yourself or if you are ready to get closer to God then Los Angeles can give you that
Find out more deets in my latest video + leave some comments on your LA experience or move below

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