2016 – The Year of Transformation

Hey Beloveds!

How did you feel about 2016? It didn’t go by fast I would be say it went by exactly as it did. I’m actually glad I can remember more days than usual lol sometimes everything just seems like a blur. I felt a complete shift in my mind really letting go bullshit, false ideas, negative beliefs, all of it. I experienced so many things that told my soul THIS IS NOT FOR YOU + THIS IS NOT YOU. There were so many things I was accepting as normal that really were not okay. I will never be the same again after this year and what a wonderful + beautiful thing that is.

Now 2016 wasn’t all bad I reached newer levels in my acting career after not booking work for almost a year. A national commercial, a hit tv show + a voiceover. Lot’s of firsts from this year and I am excited to say all of those experiences plus more will be continuing!

The nation grew. Light was used upon many dark areas of our nation + the world. I truly believe that alot of darkness came to light this year and because of this LIGHT will triumph the dark. WE ARE THE LIGHT. Not everybody is gunna be awesome and there will be somedays when you are NOT acting like a light worker but nonetheless we must work everyday to put love + healing into the world in our own authentic ways. I thank you all for being with me this year and supporting me + I hope in some ways I supported you. Let’s go into 2017 completely aware of how far we’ve come and the amazingness that awaits us. See you next year beloveds.




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